Homemade Tortilla Chips

I’m just not sure it can get better then this.  Let me take a moment to think….no. It can’t get any better.  These homemade tortilla chips hit the spot. As in, they are exactly what I’m craving 24/7.  Why, you ask? Simple. They are so much healthier for you then what you might buy at the store.  Since you control the amount of salt you put on them (if any at all), what flavorings you put on them (lime, pepper, spicy..), you can’t go wrong. (And it helps to have all that control. Trust me, I love control.) 

These are made with just a few ingredients that I normally have around the house anyway.  When the craving hits..Boom! I can satisfy it quickly just by looking in the fridge and being patient while they bake. (Yes! Baked!! Not fried!! Again..I love control.)


1 package Whole Wheat flour tortillas
cooking spray
Salt (optional)
juice from a lime (optional)

The How-to:

Pre-heat oven to 400*
*Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray
*Take tortillas out of package, leaving them in a nice little tower (they are faster to cut this way..or..you can be a rebel and cut them one at a time..the choice is yours.)
*Using a pizza cutter or large knife, cut tortillas into 8-10 pieces, like a pizza
*Place them on cookie sheet, keeping a little space between them
*Spray the tops with a light layer of cooking spray
*Sprinkle with salt, lime juice, or any other spices your tastebuds are demanding
*Cook for 5 minutes
*Take out of oven, and turn each chip piece over
*Return back to the oven and cook until golden brown and a bit on the crispy side (About 3-5 more minutes)

**Watch carefully…they will cook fast**

These are perfect for dipping in your favorite salsa. Ahhhh..my mouth is watering already! 🙂 Light, crispy and just a hint of salt. I’d give these an A+ for sure.


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