Hi there! Welcome to LemonSpandex! What a name, huh?  Yeah, we had fun coming up with that one.  😀

I’ve had several people ask me why I started this little blog.  Why did I start this blog? Hmmm..very good question. At first, I wanted to push myself. I’m an outdoor photographer, but in the winter months..there’s not a lot of people who want outdoor photos.  (And let me tell you..we’ve had a LOOOONG winter this year..). So, I thought..’what about taking pictures of food.’  I mean, who doesn’t eat?  Exactly! I needed a new challenge with photography until the summer came around again. This just seemed to fit.   Then, I decided that it would be really cool if all these foods I blog about could be put into a cookbook for my daughter when she’s ready to go off to college. ( I know..about 7 more years..but still..it will take me time. Trust me. :D)  And so, this little blog began.  It started with some of the foods that we eat a lot of at our house.  Then, friends started sending me their recipes to try.  And it’s just taken off from there. I love it.  No way, am I a food expert, but I do love trying and learning.

Here we are, the whole LemonSpandex family. These are my official taste testers. It's hard to be them. Especially when desserts are being made. This photo was taken by my friend, Annika. She rocked it!! 😀

We are trying to eat healthier. Who isn’t?  It’s been so much fun to experiment with new tastes and textures, and to see my kids’ faces as they experiment with them, too. 🙂  (Which might explain why there are a lot of dessert recipes…um…no comment. :D) 

Other then being a photographer, mother, wife, and someone who absolutely loves food..I also love ——-> 😀 
That is probably my favorite little happy face out there. You’ll see it pop up all over the place, hopefully spreading a little giggle your way, too. When I have a bit of free time, I read. Yep. Bookworm. I read cookbooks, novels, and especiallyletters from my sweet kids. (Dear mom, can we have popcorn for dinner? Please?..yes. That’s a true note. Gotta love it. )

I’m so glad you found my little corner of the world, and hope you take a minute to look around. Who knows, you might find something to make for dinner tonight. 😀  Or, maybe you have something to share with everyone. Go ahead and send me the recipe, and I’ll whip it up for my family, then blog about it shortly thereafter.


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